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The UK Christian Bookshops website has been designed by the creative media team known as Quoakle.

Quoakle first appeared as a word in Google searches in August 2006 based on a hamlet in Gloucestershire, “Oakle Street”. The brand was used to launch the online graphical directory – Quoakle.com.

Quoakle on all Devices

In the last few years, the Quoakle team has diversified into Website Design and Website Promotion, particularly supporting SMEs and Charities in the UK. We are also pleased to be offering SEO services to a number of companies including Passion Plays, The Passion UK and Passion Trust and with projects such as No New TownsForest of Dean Housing.

In 2013, the Quoakle team began developing a series of topical directories – for Independent Restaurants , New Christian SchoolsUK Christian Bookshops, Great Days Out UK, and also Great Days In

We continue to support some national organisations with website promotion – working with a number of groups involved with RSE and RSE resources, including Parent Power and The Values Foundation.

Gloucestershire companies that we’ve been working with for a number of years include: Alt Arb – tree surgeon in Gloucestershire, Cotswolds Photo LibraryMoxham Books the independent book supplier supplying books for schools. We also look after Roger Hewlett the Gloucestershire Carpenter which is based near by.

Although our main focus is local, we are very pleased to work with clients as far away as you can get! … in Australia and New Zealand … Artificial Grass and Confident Communicating based near Sydney and Your Soccer Home based in Tauranga.

Also, Quoakle has been privileged to help a number of charities and educational projects. Diamond Books is a Bible-based reading project which aims to publish Bible Stories for Children that lay foundations for children’s lives not only for their reading development but also for their understanding of God and his plans.

The Creative HQ is based in Churcham, a little down the road from Gloucester, UK. However, some of the team work from locations as far apart as Brighton, UK and Canada.

To find out more please call on 01452 595377, Skype “Quoakle” or email us at support@quoakle.com.